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December 16, 2012
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Yuli by neobirdy Yuli by neobirdy
Name: Yuli
Nicknamed Yu, only by people who know him/ befriend him.

Age: Appearance of 19-21. He likes to think he is 21........ He's very young so possibly almost 100 or just a few years over 100---

Birthday: February 14 eve

Gender: Male

Weight/Height: 145lb , 5'7"

The color Red
Milk tea

When people project their voice too loud
loud people/ crowds
Bitter candy
Badly made tea

He can only heal others with his healing power, it does not work on himself.

He acts a few years younger than what he should. This is only natural of him since he is not exposed to the normal situations of life, thus outbursts of being too serious or coming off as if he doesn't care/ know.

Wings are not taken out much. they usually slow him down in battle. He actually dislikes them...

You have to get to know Yuli if you want to know why he has an eye patch, no, he is not blind in that eye.

Never had any romantic relations with anyone, he thinks that's for people who have too much time on their hands.

e v e......................

-He does admire people who are stronger,whether it be demon or angel or anything. Its said he will hide that envy and often show an odd shyness--- FF

He treats anyone he meets equally.

Camera shy.

War Angel!~ Strong Angles who specialize in fighting and combat. Meant to usually eliminate their enemy.

[ Personality:]
He keeps to himself; Serious, Quiet. When alone he is more calm and relaxed; even carefree. That is his true self. Otherwise he is like a Rock with an angry painted face on it--- ff

In his life of constant training and fighting, he had learned that keeping to himself would cause less problems. He felt it would be more convenient if people knew less about him. Less information, less questions, less time wasted. All they needed to know is that he is a mercenary of the higher ups; that his enemy was the only thing that mattered.

Growing up the way he did he is; being too serious or too quiet is normal for him. His upbringing was always busy with training and studies, almost no time to himself. So when he did get rare moments to himself, he felt they are important to have. He would cherish every small quiet walk he could have to himself. Even his time of sleeping, he is grateful for.

Even though he has grown to love fighting, he is very happy to have quiet time to himself. He feels he can let himself go when he has no assignment. He would interact with animals or just watch people as he never takes these precious moments for granted. Sometimes he may be too involved with this quiet time and become too calm, his guard is let down.

He has developed the habit of fishing, as its one of his favorite things to do in free time. He always releases the fish he has caught. He used to fish with his teacher.

Can also be tsun, depending on the person.

When he was a child, Yuli did not want to become a warrior. But his teacher cared not for what he wanted, but of the reputation he would get in training Yuli. His teacher could feel that Yuli was meant to be a warrior of god, so he being a warrior himself, wanted to take Yuli under his wing. His teacher was also the father figure in his life. The teacher too had realized over time, he began to care about Yuli like a son.

The more he grew up in this life style, the more harder it was for him to become happy. Making friends was hard since he only ever interacted with other warriors, and none could see eye to eye with him.

When meeting other angels who weren't warriors, they would avoid him; thinking he is just another emotionless fighter. He would hate when others his age think of him as strange, or scary. He began to feel bitter to the ones he was to protect. At first he hated this life being forced on him, he hated his teacher. But as time went by, he could only trust and look up to his teacher. Growing up with this kind- hearted man made him see that life was not only about life and death. He felt like he could be calm only around him.

He adapted quickly to the training and impressed many when his skills were displayed at his young age. However when it came to taking a life for the first time, he failed to finish the job. His first assignment was given to him when he was a young teen. He had never worked with a team before and when they had their target in sight, Yuli was the one who was supposed to kill the target. But he hesitated and in turn his team members got hurt in the battle.

He quickly learned that just watching a war would mean his comrades would die. He was entered into harsh training where he learned to put his emotions aside. He was assigned to help fellow comrades in the tower; he knew that he could take on this job. He will not just watch on the sidelines if he knows there is a way he can help.

He was promoted to be a warrior of god at the time of his teacher's death. He went on his final test with his teacher, his teacher was to only shadow him. But Yuli was unable to kill his enemy, it had entered his body before the finishing blow. The creature had begged for yulie to spare its life, and Yuli being soft, had believed its plea for life and let down his guard.

His teacher had perished as he removed the creature from Yuli's body; his teacher himself had been burned to death by the aftershock of the removal. Yuli then just barely defeated the creature, and he kept the old sword his teacher used in that fight.

He went on with his new rank and title with pain in his heart. If he did not hesitate, his teacher would still be alive at his side.

The Yuli who is now working with his other comrades in the Tower is no longer the boy scared of taking life. Fighting is now natural within him and he is skilled in close combat.

He still has a lot of trouble eliminating his enemy, he would rather find a way to punish them instead of just taking their life. This results in many consequences, as it shows he his too weak; and his enemy can use that to their advantage. Many times he will turn his back and try to let them go to learn from what they did. This sometimes results in more innocent lives being taken for his mistake.

When he does kill, he will look them in the eye; to take responsibility for what he has done. He believes there really is no good reason to kill, but when it has done, he must take the burden onto himself.


Light Blades- can use up to 1-5 at a time. They are short and meant for throwing or close combat. The most simple ability but also be one of his strongest as he can wield them without touching them. They usually float behind his shoulders.

They can also double as a light source, if he were to travel in a dark place, they float around him into spheres like fire flies.

Hand to hand combat-
Used for the intent of bringing down an enemy, but not to kill them. His style consists of doing short, fast strikes. A martial art style that his teacher used.

Celestial Beam: A laser of light that is shot from his forehead. Utilizes light and life energy; can only be used once every 2-3 days.

It creates a massive glow and as he cannot move while doing this attack, his body is protected by the light for a short brief time. Runes will appear under or around the enemy to limit their movement. Energy is gathered by his body and wings and concentrated to his forehead where he can focus the energy into a beam.

Side affects of using this ability causes massive fatigue, and shock to the body. Never used unless he is positive he will die. He used it on the promotion mission with his teacher.

Secondary Weapon:

Old Sword: Used only when he can no longer use his light energy. It is a memento of his teacher's death. It is sharp and forged in the heavens. He can infuse his light energy into the blade and runes can be seen shining on the blade when in his hand.

Group chat~ Msn/ skype only if the rp becomes regular among characters

Rp via comments here at this journal please:…
Drawn and written in Sai~ thank you :icongalar: for helping me finish it!
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