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Re-Noctis: Kai by neobirdy Re-Noctis: Kai by neobirdy

Name: Asato, Kai

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Nationality: Japanese

Race: Human

Height: 6'

Weight: --

ID #: #115

Occupation: Student

Rank: 2

Title: The Cruel King of Swords

Department: Weapons


Main: Katana [ he named it Fiore ]

+The sword he uses is charged by the sun and glows if a stronger strike is needed toward a target. It is just an ordinary sword if he were to use up the power and fight at night. He never activates the sword most of the time seeing as it does the job well enough with its blade. The blade is a lot lighter than it looks but it is heavy at the handle seeing that is the place where the energy is stored. The sword belonged to his grandfather. 

-The charge is only good for a couple of strikes and when the charge is used, it gives the swing a bit of a slowdown so it would require him to use more strength to swing versus using the sword in the idle mode. 

When not in charge, the blade is silver. 

Minor weapons: Daggers, Fists, for weaker targets and closer combat.

Shield: Helmet. 
+ LED lights glow on the mask usually showing a flower or a Cross pattern or both when charged at its highest.  
+ The gradient of the mask can be adjusted by a tap or two taps. The color becomes solid or clear depending on his choosing.
+ The eye on his helmet gathers energy from the sun so that the led lights can come on at the front of the mask. 
- If the helmet is attacked when it has no charge there is great risk of cracking or shattering. 


A man with a good sense of reasoning and understanding. He has a strong heart even if he is unable to show that most of the time. He can be a bit cruel when it comes to judging others but most of the time he will not even care to judge the person.

He uses logic for most things, even if it doesn't call for it. Sometimes if he is spoken to he will either do the gestures of shaking his head or nodding, or saying single word responses at times. One would think of him as quiet- but he merely doesn't speak more than he has to.

He can be determined and also forgetful. If there is a task that is not immediately important, he will most likely forget not that he wants to. If there is something he must do that is high priority, he will always make sure it gets done.


+ traditional Japanese clothing

+ western formal wear 

+ Staring out the window no matter what weather is outside

+ Having those to protect

+ to be included in fun activities although he appears pretty dull

+ teas and coffees

+ Flowers but nothing big like a sunflower

+ blades, swords

+ crafting small things: folding paper, making jewelry

+ sweet snacks/ candies but only eats them in private

+ Being respected

+ Quiet - Silent places

+ day dreaming

+ keeping a plain poker face

- Too much noise

- being bugged too much

- When others try to shake hands.

- Extremely salty foods

- cheap tricks

- jokes

- being underestimated

- when others worry about him

- messy areas

- Untidy clothing

- Ungrateful people


This man was raised in a very religious and traditional oriented family. Only a couple generations ago did they move to King's City. After their first generation of family, The gene of seeing spirits were no longer present in the family members that came to be born. So thus the tradition of worshiping spirits was no longer done after the second generation and that is when the family had moved to the King's City. 

Kai being third generation had been born with amethyst eyes, something only the first generation of the head family had. His mother thought nothing of it but his father was certain the boy could probably see or sense spirits but he wasn't one hundred percent sure. His grandfather who would have been the only one to confirm it had passed away recently but other family members chose to believe he had the same skill and others dismissed it thinking he most likely just inherited the color. 

For a long time the boy kept to himself because he would be mocked when he said he could see strange things. His cousins always made fun of him calling him crazy or just trying to get attention since he is the youngest and his father was last in line to be the heir of the family. His father and mother came to believe he really could see them as he grew to be a toddler and told him to never tell anyone he could see them as it could prove dangerous. They wanted to protect their boy from the government. During this time he is trained in the basics of hand to hand combat but he enjoyed learning swordsmanship the most seeing as it is something their family line was proud of and it came naturally to him. 

Many times he had been into fights with those possessed by spirits and using his trained abilities he could take them down. The government saw this happening regularly on their radar and knew it could only be possible that Kai was able to see the spirits. Kai being at the age of twenty one at this time was taken to a prison and he did not resist or say anything. This devastated the family as they knew why he was taken away even if no word was ever sent to them. When he didn't come home at his usual time, they knew.

A long while after, maybe two months, it had been his birthday again and a man with white hair and no name seemingly had offered to free him giving him the choice of staying at the prison or freedom and fighting for a secret organization. Of course he had followed this man, interested in others who had the ability to 'see' just like he can. Being a student there he hoped to climb to the rank of an agent to get a better view on what kind of world they would be fighting for. 

Additional Information:

+ Looks sleepy a lot but hes just that plain of a guy
+ Wears formal attire most of the time. Casual only when alone
+ Usually puts a spoon too much of sugar when making tea or coffee as he can never remember how many he pours in losing count. 

Relationships: N/A

RP Method: 
DA chats
no notes/ messages
Skype only if characters have gotten to know each other or if there is no other way rper can rp with me.

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